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Crude oil buyers.

D2 and Mazut M-100 Buyers (CIF ASWP basis)

Buyer or Buyer's Mandate (not intermediaries) is preparing the purchase order (ICPO), and follow the procedure. Please read the provided procedure and you will see that it is ideal for both parties.

Any real crude oil Buyers and their Banks know how the documents need to be issued, but we’re giving the examples. ICPO and BCL blanks.

We would like to underline that Sellers are considering the documents if they are executed as appropriate and addressed to the name of their company. Documents addressed to: "To whom it can concern" or to any other company does not deal at all!

We do not consider any documents prepared in MS Word format (.doc), we are working only with the authentic documents after they have been scanned and prepared using graphic formats (.jpg, .gif, .tiff)

Current offers, prices and discounts you can find at this page.

Crude oil export, D2 export, Mazut M-100 export

Crude oil and petroleum products worldwide shipments to:

Mazut M-100

Mazut Trading Companies, Buyers and Sellers, ICPO, Mandate, Bunkers



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Gas Oil (D2)

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