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REBCO export. Crude oil trading company.

Welcome to the REBCO, Inc. corporate website. We are working as a trading company that offers crude oil (REBCO), diesel oil (D2), fuel oil (Mazut M-100) to our business partners all over the world.

As a reliable partner, we are helping to buy and sell REBCO crude oil and petroleum products. This market is very large, so we are trying to satisfy the requirements of Buyers, using maximum capacity and possibility of Sellers for specific a Buyer.

All communications will be in the form of actual documents. We will begin to work with your company when we receive your first documents (ICPO/BCL) and the Seller has read and approved it. We will then issue the document as procedure requires continuing the process. That way all correspondence will be well documented at each stage of the process. This process will strictly follow International Procedures in accordance with the strict requirements of the Sellers for every transaction.

We will not submit for consideration to demands like: “let me see POP first and then we will issue ICPO”. We are understand that this is an empty deal as the Proof of Product documents will only be issued to the name of the Buyer's company and the volumes the company wants to purchase.

Crude oil export, D2 export, Mazut M-100 export

Crude oil and petroleum products worldwide shipments to:

Mazut M-100

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Gas Oil (D2)

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