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This website is available for RENT! PLEASE READ!

Dear partners! I am a web designer. Some times ago I received a proposal to create a multilingual website (RUS-ENG) for some crude oil trading company. I have done this project, but then I realized that I was contacted by a nigerian who has never thought to pay for my work!

I have 2 websites now. Russian version (www.REBCO.org) and English version (www.REBCO.us). I was working hard to make them good for google and these websites are on the top of GOOGLE's search if you are looking for 'REBCO'. You will be visited by many good and reputable clients who will never go to any free message boards to find the partners there. They are looking for a branded company or website and they will find you!

I will be working for your company for a monthly income. You are investing in your good reputation if you are the real trader, but bored to spend your time looking for good clients. They will be looking for you now!

This is the best solution for you. Your company's information will be on the websites. I will update these websites with your information, prices, contact details, etc...

I have tested these sites for many months and they're generating many customers.

Contact me using my e-mail as below or fill out the contact form and we'll negotiate about the price and other details. Moreover... I know Russian and English, so I will be very helpful in your business! Please NO goldminers and nigerians anymore!!!

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