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We will sign a NCNDA (standard agreement of non-circumvention and nondisclosure of information) with all serious partners. However, the NCNDA is not signed simply from the results of preliminary correspondence by e-mail or telephone conversation since each secondary company who has ever have contacted us (from our experience) is personally familiar with high officials of Russian Federation, and has close personal relations with the highest ranking bankers or with the heads of the world’s largest corporations. We all know that this is not true!

We always have to smile when hearing this: "let’s sign an NCNDA first, and then we will send you an ICPO/BCL". Why are we smiling? Because this is what you hear from someone who is tenth intermediary. He is saying that he is afraid that he will be left out of the commission. It is well known that the Buyer always pays a commission. So why would any reputable Buyer leave you out if you’re familiar with him? No reputable company who deals in this business would leave you out. It is simply foolish and unprofessional.

Moreover! Don't use Photoshop software to delete the Buyer's contact information!! Such documents will go straight to the trash bin. Reputable clients never do it. This is the practice of the unprincipled or dishonest intermediaries, that have mainly discredited this market in recent years.

We want to wish for a successful joint operation!

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